How are ChaChing's advantages possible?

ChaChing is possible because we give our own money to consumers for buying from you instead of your competitors.

When we do that, consumers buy from you instead of your competitors.

Where does ChaChing get the money to do that from?

ChaChing takes the budgets you usually spend on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, and returns most of it to the consumer as a purchase incentive to turbo charge your sales volumes.

The advertiser (you) inputs a desired CPA (cost-per-order) into ChaChing to bid for the sale of a product. ChaChing only charges you for generated sales. NOT for clicks or views.

Active-in-market shoppers search on ChaChing for what they are going to buy and decide which product to buy. They are directed to your eCommerce website to action the purchase and pay your FULL asking price for the item.

ChaChing then charges the advertiser for the sale that was generated and uses this collected advertising revenue to pay the shopper for having bought from you instead of your competitors.

ChaChing replaces the very expensive: “How much do I have to pay [Google, Facebook, Amazon] to try to get me a sale?” with the less expensive: “How much does a shopper have to be paid to convert?”

How does changing your CPA affect your winrate with ChaChing's advertising model?

The advertiser controls their CPA (cost-per-sale) which represents their bid, and affects the volume of money ChaChing can afford to offer to give back to the consumer for buying their products.

The advertiser can increase their volume of sales by increasing their CPA-bid price which then allows ChaChing to raise the size of the shopper’s incentive to purchase. Higher purchase incentives can increase the advertiser’s % winrate. Advertisers can also lower their bid amount which can decrease volume but improve ROI.

One-click to start

ChaChing is designed to be plug-and-play easy. Just click on the platform your store uses, to start:
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Does ChaChing represent an additional cost layer for my business?

No. ChaChing uses the budget you currently give to Google, Facebook, and Amazon in marketing fees for trying to drive sales. ChaChing is not an additional cost. More, ChaChing only charges you when we drive you a conversion, so you can run always-on profitably - any money that ChaChing charges you, ChaChing gave to you first.

Does ChaChing affect my product's pricing?

No. The price presented to shoppers on any/all browse or product display pages is your full, usual RRP (Recommended Retail Price). ChaChing is not a vendor, and does not modify prices. Shoppers always see your full RRP in advertisements without modification, and pay your full RRP. Shoppers do not see lower prices, lower net prices, or any form of discount anywhere on any advertisements. When they click into an ad, they are taken to your site which has the full RRP and nothing else, as they saw in the advertisement. ChaChing uses its own money, at its own discretion, to pay its users for participating in ChaChing. Under no circumstances do advertising brands on ChaChing interact with or have a relationship with customers beyond their normal commercial activities and advertising brands do not offer purchase rewards or other incentives. ChaChing decides what to do with its own money independently of any third parties, and its actions are distinctly separate from the advertising/advertisement of the product by the advertising brand. ChaChing maintains full discretion over how much of its money to give shoppers if anything at all, when to act, and has final say over what is deserving of a reward.

Which forms of payment does ChaChing use?

ChaChing charges your credit or debit cards for ChaChing's advertising services. ChaChing accepts all major credit cards, and can offer a prepaid arrangement on request.

How much will ChaChing charge me?

ChaChing will charge you the rates you enter into ChaChing (e.g. if you enter your desired cost-per-order for a given product at $3.00, ChaChing will charge you $3.00 every time we generate a sale of your product). If you change your cost-per-order, ChaChing will only charge you your updated rates once ChaChing's backend systems update. There are no hidden fees, usage fees, or commissions.

When will ChaChing charge me?

ChaChing will only charge you after a conversion (sale of your product) has been generated by ChaChing. That way, you're always generating revenue with money flowing in before any charges occur. Charges will happen shortly after ChaChing's system register a conversion. You can track all charges from within ChaChing, and attribute each charge to a specific conversion.

How does ChaChing handle returns?

If you generate the sale of an item through ChaChing and your systems register that item as returned within your store's return policy (entered in ChaChing's settings), ChaChing will credit your advertiser account the corresponding CPA you spent. Those credits will automatically be applied to your next conversion(s). To protect itself, ChaChing has many advanced fraud and security measures and models in place, and may not transfer funds to consumers for a given purchase before your store's return policy has lapsed.