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Be part of the story: improve life for millions of people, forever.
The work we do is important. It makes meaningful differences in the lives of millions of people, including our own. So we invest in extraordinary talent.

At ChaChing, no matter who you are or what your task is, everyone is expected to deliver impact, expand their knowledge and capabilities, innovate, and develop our people.

Our people are our greatest strength. They’re one of our unfair advantages.

If you join, you’ll be working alongside bulletproof problem solvers and good-hearted leaders. Self-starters and unmistakable communicators. Perseverant multitaskers and upstanding characters. Rigorous analysts. Curious philosophers. Discreet geniuses, and detail-oriented sprinters. People that can’t be outworked and love what they do. We want those that join to be themselves — ChaChing needs input from many different knowledge bases to work.

We believe in excellence and run a meritocracy.
We believe in winning
— it's a habit.
ChaChing has a customer-centric culture.

Our advertisers and users ALL have long-term partnerships with us.

All of us deeply understand their needs on an ongoing basis, including the needs they cannot yet articulate. We constantly analyze the jobs-to-be-done by our stakeholders to find the best ways to evolve the company for their benefit.

Everyone speaks to and develops important relationships with our stakeholders. We are the first and last calls they should have to make when they have things we can help with.

We also believe in and support each other in...
Health is something we can’t get back. We understand how imperative it is and support our people in all matters relating to it so we can all be at our best.
We all have families – young and old. We understand how important being there for them is and not missing key or unexpected moments. Even though ChaChing tends to act as one big family, we know that real family comes first.
We need the best people, so we pay accordingly. We also ensure we always have the best people by pushing ourselves so that everyone learns and improves and we stay world-class. It’s that simple.
Work From Home/Office
We care a lot about getting work done, collaborating, and innovating – less about where you are. We’re all professionals and we don’t micromanage. We only work with people we like, and trust. We have fun.
What we do
We’re a product discovery platform with a twist: when you purchase through the ChaChing app, we don’t just give you 2 or 3% back - we let you earn a LOT of money. We restore advertising to the timeless values it should always have been about.
How we do it
Stores pay us for sending you their way when you want to buy things, like an advertiser. Instead of keeping the advertising money we earn, we give the majority of it to you, the shopper who earned it by deciding to make the purchase.
Our idea
Companies spend billions of dollars on advertising fees trying to get you to buy things. We think that’s flawed: companies want YOU to buy their things… so YOU should be paid for doing that. ChaChing pays you when you buy from our advertising clients. You earn your money by choosing which items to buy instead of others. Everyone wins.

We’re hiring across all roles.

There’s a lot to do, and we need your help.

Send us your CV and we’ll be in touch if we think you might be a good fit for something. Tell us how you think you can help. We hope you’re exactly what we’ve been looking for.