Frequently Asked Questions: Advertisers

What is ChaChing?

ChaChing is a product-discovery platform, similar in nature to other search experiences like Google Shopping.

It allows you to get your products in front of active-in-market shoppers as they’re ready to buy products like yours so you can be discovered and win market share.

How are products ranked in ChaChing’s search?

ChaChing uses real-time-bidding (RTB) to determine who wins advertising spots and where they rank. 

You can enter bids via ChaChing’s self-service-portal, similarly to how you advertise on Google.

Products in search are ranked similarly to how they are on Google Shopping, with quality and relevancy being the contributing factors. 

How does ChaChing’s Real-Time-Bidding auction work?

ChaChing’s real-time auctions are how advertisers win advertising spots in front of shoppers.

ChaChing exclusively offers fixed-CPA bidding strategies instead of CPC bidding to eliminate your performance risk.

Can I list products for free

The process of listing items does not require a payment, however, upon a conversion (purchase) taking place, your CPA will be payable.

ChaChing uses real-time-bidding (RTB) to determine product placement and bids of zero are not allowed.

What is ChaChing’s pricing model?

ChaChing operates a real-time-bidding (RTB) advertiser auction, with fixed-CPA bidding strategies.

That means that while using ChaChing, ChaChing charges your account your desired bid only when a conversion takes place, instead of for clicks and views.

There are no additional charges.

What is ChaChing’s service model?

ChaChing operates a self-service-portal model, where advertisers can create and manage their advertising campaigns and bids.

Additionally, ChaChing may offer a consultancy service, or managed service at times.

How big is ChaChing’s customer base?

In the UK, ChaChing estimates it will have reached +10m consumers by the end of 2024 through partnerships with F500 companies, their employee bases, influencers and ambassadors, and other distribution channels.

Is ChaChing affiliate marketing?

No. ChaChing is a product discovery platform, similar to Google Shopping.

It uses real-time-bidding (RTB) auctions to determine who wins advertising spots. You can enter bids via ChaChing’s self-service-portal.

ChaChing is search advertising.

It allows new customers to discover your products when they're actively searching to buy products like yours.

The main difference between Google Shopping and ChaChing is that ChaChing eliminates performance risk by using fixed-CPA bidding strategies (so you are only charged when a sale occurs) instead of CPC bidding (charged just for a click, with no performance guarantee).

ChaChing does not actively reach out to potential customers.

How long do users have to wait before they get payback from ChaChing

Typically, users have to wait before your store’s return policy expires before ChaChing issues any payback. ChaChing may decide a consumer is creditworthy, and issue payback faster than that at times. If returns occur, the full CPA you spent to generate that order on ChaChing will be credited back to you and automatically applied to your next ad spend. 

What if a product is returned?

If a product is returned inside of your stated return period, ChaChing detects this automatically through standard integrations with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and more (if your systems detect the return, then so will we). ChaChing then credits your advertiser account whatever adspend went into generating the returned sale, so you have no ad wastage due to returns. Those adspend credits are automatically applied to your next generated conversion, which will therefore be free for you.

i.e. if you spent $7 generating an order for an item, and that item is returned - your advertiser account gets credited back those $7. Those credits are used automatically, so your next $7 of adspend is free.

What kinds of advertisers should use ChaChing?

Any advertiser that sells directly to consumers can use and benefit from ChaChing.

This includes marketplaces, and DTC brands alike. 

How does ChaChing support agencies?

ChaChing can support agency efforts in various ways to help ensure successful outcomes through proper optimizations. Please contact ChaChing to learn more.