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Alastair Lukies CBE


Victor Hugo stated ‘there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’

This statement encapsulates my deep love and passion for ChaChing.

Industries rise and fall. Since the invention of the World Wide Web we have seen an explosion in digital engagement, convenience-first shopping and perhaps a slight loss of perspective when it comes to value exchange.

The cost of living crisis and rise in inflation can be almost directly linked to a ‘stealth tax’ that has been justified by couch-based purchasing.

There needs to be a reset and I have been privileged over the past 20 years in FinTech to see the power of an industry that is ripe for evolution and better equilibrium.

ChaChing is here to return pounds and pence, dollars and cents and basic commercial decency to households around the world

I am honoured to play my part in seeing that this Vision is realized.