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Maximillian Sugrue


For a long time I wanted to be a physicist. There’s something tantalizing about understanding the world at the most fundamental levels and something even more exciting when you realize we can’t yet. Then I wanted to be a lawyer – I tend to obsess over problems and was very fortunate to learn from some great attorneys. But I guess it was inevitable I’d start ChaChing.

The toughest person I know is my dad. He’s a die-hard entrepreneur that taught us that attitude is everything and when life hits you hard you get back up and get back to work. We don’t give up. I went to school in Switzerland and then in the US. I was lucky enough to get into the University of Chicago where I fell in love with political science and studied economics. I founded my first company with my sister in college and discovered my calling in building impactful businesses. When I created ChaChing’s model I understood how much good it could do and realized that we had to make it work.

I’m always working on ChaChing – whether it’s a lightbulb moment in a dream at 04:00 that wakes me up or in a car somewhere… but when I have a moment to myself I love to travel, read, cook, or spend time with old and new friends which always leads to many laughs and great stories.