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Noor Sugrue


When I was growing up my grandmother told me to be the best you that you can be, in school, out of school, and even when no one is looking. I’ve found that the best way to be the best me is to serve others.

My first experience in the business world was in the 2nd grade when my classmates and I set up a marketplace where we would exchange colored pencil lead for marbles and Pokémon cards. While some people wanted to accumulate as many marbles as possible, and others spent all their lead leveling up to the next best Pokémon card, my favorite part was brokering the exchanges that left everyone with exactly what they'd been wanting - running around and finding out what my classmates wanted and facilitating the trades.

Eventually I went off to The University of Chicago and ended up majoring in Art History but I always tell people I’m a recovering Economics major - because I am. I’ve also moved on from pencil lead and Pokémon cards but I still love helping others so now I found businesses that lift people up and give everyone more access to opportunity: businesses where everybody wins.

I prefer the mountains over the beach. I like bread with my butter. I think going grocery shopping is a fun outing. I was raised to believe there is nothing someone can’t do if they set their mind to it. That being said, I’ve been told I can’t cook… even if I set my mind to it… thanks, Max.  ;)