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Veronica Grazer


When I was 11 years old I had two pastimes: selling brownies and volunteering at church. My first business was born in my tiny kitchen in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. I would bake brownies and sell them to my brother and his friends for a dollar each. They were hungry and I had the solution. My other pastime was to serve my community, from planting flowers to picking up trash. My mom instilled in us four kids that giving back was a requirement to making a good life.

As I got older, I discovered that making profits and serving my community didn’t have to be separate pursuits. I saw that a for-profit company with a mission to make the world better is an incredibly powerful force and I started shaping and creating mission-driven brands. After studying International Business at Georgetown University, and launching global beauty brands for Procter and Gamble, I was verifiably obsessed with mission-driven companies.

The way that we get to know any brand’s soul is through story. Stories help us connect with one another and get us inspired by what is possible. Every brand needs to share their story. We all support the brands who share their values and let their users become the heroes of the story; these are the brands who will win.

That’s why I am all-in on ChaChing. The mission to reinvigorate fundamental values by letting people earn their way to a better life is the belief I grew up with. We are all ready to take back our power and realize our dreams. Now is the time for ChaChing.