Neutrality Statement

Many platforms have traditionally abused their power of connecting shoppers and products.

They have used their position as the trusted connectors of shoppers to products to promote their own interests, launch their own products, and leverage unfair, insurmountable advantages. Often, they have waited to do this until they become very large.

There has been no reason for platforms not to engage in this behavior and profit heavily. They can get away with it.

Their behavior and its effects have often gone unmentioned.

If new platforms connecting shoppers and products launched, and they had their own products to sell or clients to service, would you really trust them to always have your best interests as their priority? Should you?

ChaChing is therefore a neutral platform. We do not launch private label products.

ChaChing will do its best to always maintain incentives that are aligned with third-party merchants and shoppers: so ChaChing wins when you win.

ChaChing stands in stark contrast to current platforms and undoubtedly the many other platforms that will pop up in the future.

ChaChing will always seek to be a level playing field, for all.