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ChaChing advertisement and sales promotion platform (“Platform”) Privacy PolicyPrivacy Policy last revised: Oct 2023.For the Terms of Service of the ChaChing Platform, andfor any defined terms herein, see: Terms[AL1] .ChaChing respects the privacy rights of our users and is stronglycommitted to protecting your privacy. ChaChing’s mission is motivated as muchby a desire to give you the best deals possible when shopping as it has beendriven by a desire to let you separate your social activity from your shoppingand put you back in control of managing your online privacy. In summary, wewill use your data to provide you with the best possible opportunities to savewhen shopping but we will not sell or profit from the transfer of your data toany third party outside the operation of the Platform in accordance with the Terms.This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the ChaChing Platformwebsite, any other Platform mobile applications made available or operated by ChaChingfrom time to time, other directly related services offered from time to time byChaChing, any subscription to recurring information or updates in connectiontherewith, sales, promotions, marketing or other events, information collectedwhen you register, link a Payment Card, submit or reply to Listings orpostings, participate in the communication functionalities of ChaChing, and anyother service or product of ChaChing, including other websites, mobileapplications, or other digital properties, as expressly indicated by ChaChingin connection with the Platform such as through a link or other display of thisPrivacy Policy (collectively, the “Site”). It does not apply to site orapplications operated by third parties and not indicated or operated byChaChing or in connection with the Platform which are subject to their ownrespective privacy policies. ChaChing and ChaChing Platform are owned andoperated by ChaChing Me Inc (ChaChing Me Inc. and its affiliates “we”, “us”,or “ChaChing”). “You” or “User” refers to You as a user ofthe Site or services.Please read this Privacy Policy and Privacy Statement carefully beforeyou register with the Site, transact with other users or use the Site or the Servicesas it will help you understand what information we collect, what we do with theinformation we collect and your rights. Collection And Use Of Personal Information and Transaction DataChaChing and its Third Party Providers (as defined below underDisclosure Of Your Personal Information) carefully differentiate between thecollection and management of personal or company information and transactiondata. ChaChing and where relevant service providers designated by ChaChingcollect personal information that you choose to provide or we receive fromother sources. This may include personal information you provide upon participatingin activities on the Site, contacting us, expressing an interest in obtaininginformation, registering, linking a Payment Card, or otherwise through theSite, on third-party websites and applications when subscribing digitally to ChaChing,otherwise through requesting certain ChaChing services or products, bysubmitting the information to enter a contest, or other promotion or otherwise offline.We and service providers designated by ChaChing may obtain thefollowing types of personal information in connection with the Site:·      Name, email address, postaladdress, account names and passwords, or other contact information·      Signature, online identifier,Internet Protocol address, or other similar identifiers·      Professional, industry,employment-related, or education information, including, inter alia, job titlesand job applications, background or credit checks, purchase history andfinancial information, past and present associates ·      Internet or other electronicnetwork activity information, including, inter alia, URLs, browsing history, appusage, search history, preferences, and information regarding a user’sinteraction (including reading habits) with an internet website, application,advertisement·      Demographic information·      Social media login data whereyou elect to register using social media account details·      Payment Card Networks data, paymentdata and billing information, payment instrument details (including, interalia, credit card number), and security information associated therewith orother financial information, and transaction data·      Device data such as, interalia, device ID and hardware specification, operating system, systemconfiguration, application and browser type and identification numbers, internetor mobile service provider, internet protocol (IP) address and proxy servers ·      GeolocationPersonal information is obtained directly from you, from othersauthorized to provide the information, from any activity on the Site, and fromother parties with whom we work, such as, inter alia, service providers,business partners, advertisers, advertising technology providers, advertisingservers, data analytics providers, and social networks. If you submitpersonal information about others, you represent and warrant that you areauthorized to do so and that you have received authorization from the personabout whom you are providing the information and that person has consented tohave all information used, disclosed, and transferred in accordance with thisPrivacy Policy.If you choose to link your social media or other third-partyaccounts to our services, to the extent supported by the Platform, we mayobtain your personal information from these sources. You may restrict or disconnectthis link at any time by visiting your account page on these third-partyplatforms or the settings page of your mobile device.We use this information for carefully considered purposes whichbenefit our users and which include some or all of the following: to provide and     facilitate our services and products to operate our     services, products, and systems properly and diligently including, inter     alia, the management of user accounts, verification of transactions, execution     of transactions by third party Sellers and Advertisers, and administration     and execution of payment, cash back and credit processes and other Rewards      to communicate with     you and enable and support user-to-user communication to post testimonials to help ChaChing     improve, upgrade, or enhance our Platform, services and products and     develop and communicate new services and products to provide support     for our services and products, to maintain the security,     quality and safety of services and products, and for internal quality     control purpose including debugging to identify and repair errors that     impair existing intended functionality or security to provide you with,     and administer, offers, promotions and marketing communication about     services and products of ChaChing or of other parties that may be of     interest to you, coupons, Rewards, prize draws or competitions, and     personalized content to enhance your     experience with the Site, including to save your preferences and login     information, providing customized content or contextual advertisements,     and providing tailored advertisements to analyze website     usage, analyze use of the Site, analyze and measure ad impressions, and to     protect the interests, rights, safety, or property of ChaChing, users or     others, analyze and verify third party transactions by yourself in     connection with the Site, to monitor compliance with and enforce the terms     of any agreement with ChaChing and keep ChaChing and the users free from     harm to monitor to detect     security incidents and protect against unethical, malicious, deceptive,     fraudulent, or illegal activity, and hold those responsible for that     activity to account to investigate and     respond to legal requests, prevent harm, enforce our terms and conditions     and policies and to comply with legal and regulatory requirementsChaChing or a designated service provider may also take photographsand video at ChaChing offices and premises for security and other internal orbusiness purposes. Collection of Personal Data for BuyersBy registering your account as Buyer and by submitting your PaymentCard information and agreeing to the Terms and this Privacy Policy, you consentto ChaChing and the relevant Payment Card Network monitoring and sharing relevantpersonal data and transaction data with our service providers, ChaChing, andthe relevant Seller or Advertiser for the purposes of operating the Platform, including,inter alia, identifying and verifying relevant transactions and carrying outrelated reward management services. You also acknowledge and agree thatrelevant transaction details may be shared with involved third parties toenable reward management processes, in accordance with ChaChing’s Terms and PrivacyPolicy and such third parties’ privacy policy. You may opt out of transactionmonitoring on the Linked Payment Card at any time by removing your LinkedPayment Card in your account settings, however, this may result in yourineligibility for participation in ChaChing’s core functionality ofparticipating in cashback and reward schemes. Collection of Personal or Company Data for Vendors and AdvertisersBy registering your account as vendor or advertiser and by submittingrelevant payment card or account information and agreeing to the Terms and thisPrivacy Policy, you consent to ChaChing and the relevant payment card network orbank account provider monitoring and sharing relevant personal or company dataand transaction data with our service providers and ChaChing for the purposesof operating the Platform, including, inter alia, identifying and verifying relevanttransactions, effecting related payments and carrying out related reward managementservices. You also acknowledge and agree that relevant transaction details maybe shared with involved third parties to effect payments or enable rewardmanagement processes, in accordance with ChaChing’s Terms and Privacy Policyand such third parties’ privacy policy. Transaction Data And UsageNotwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms or PrivacyPolicy, ChaChing and its Third Party Service Providers will use transactioninformation solely as follows:- Use transaction data such as transaction amount, transaction timeand merchant location to confirm a qualifying purchase or return to matchtransactions to confirm whether you qualify for rewards;- Share transaction data with the participating merchant where atransaction occurred as needed for the merchant to confirm a specifictransaction occurred. For example, the date and amount of your purchase and thelast 4 digits of your card number so the merchant can verify your purchase withits records if there is a missing, incomplete or disputed transaction;- Provide participating merchants aggregated and anonymizedinformation relating specifically to registered card activity solely to allowparticipating merchants and Third Party Service Providers to assess the resultsof their campaign;- Create a record of the transaction data and thereafter maintainand use data in connection with operating the ChaChing platform; and- Provide information in order to respond to a request from a governmentauthority or a payment organization involved in a transaction with you or amerchant.You authorize the sharing, exchange and use of transaction datadescribed above and herein by and among ChaChing, Third Party Service Providersand applicable Payment Card Networks and applicable merchants. Transaction MonitoringBy registering a payment card in connection with transactionmonitoring, you authorize ChaChing and Third Party Service Providers to shareyour payment card information with Payment Networks so it knows you enrolled.You authorize Payment Networks to monitor transactions on your registeredcard(s) to identify qualifying purchases in order to determine whether you havequalified for or earned an offer linked to your payment card, and for PaymentNetworks to share such transaction details with ChaChing and Third PartyService providers to enable your card-linked offer(s) and target offers thatmay be of interest to you. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on thepayment card(s) you have registered by navigating to your settings menu toremove your registered card(s) in which case features or functionalities of theSite or Services may be impaired or no longer available to you. Use Of Cookies And Other Electronic TechnologiesChaChing and the parties with whom we work (e.g., service providers,Sellers, Advertisers, ad technology providers and advertising servers) mayplace, view, and/or use “cookies”, web server logs, web beacons, pixels orother electronic technologies to collect statistical and other informationabout you and your use of the Site. This information may include, inter alia,information about the IP address of your computer, browser type, language,operating system, your mobile device, device ID, geolocation data, the state orcountry from which you accessed the Site services, the webpages visited, thedate and the time of a visit, the websites you visited immediately before andafter visiting the Site, the number of links you click within the Site, thefunctions you use on the Site, the databases you view and the searches yourequest on the Site, the data you save on or download from the Site and thenumber of times you view an advertisement.ChaChing and the parties with whom we work may use the informationcollected for various purposes, either on behalf of ChaChing or for the otherparties’ own purposes, including research, analysis, to better serve visitorsto the Site (such as, inter alia, by enabling log-in, providing access tocertain sections of the Site, providing customized content or customizedcontextual advertisements, or presenting online advertising on the Site orother websites or apps tailored to your interests as described further below),to compile aggregate and anonymous information about usage of the Site and Selleror Advertiser websites or apps, and other statistics, etc. However, if you havedeleted and disabled cookies, these uses will not be possible to the extentthey are based on the cookie information disabled. To assist us with the uses described in this Privacy Policy,information collected about you and your use of the Site or other websites maybe aggregated, analysed or combined with personal or other information aboutyou from other online or offline sources. If you prefer that we not combinenon-personal information that has been collected, through cookies, about youruse of the Site or other websites with personal or other information about you,then please delete and disable cookies for each browser on each device you useto surf the web or access an app.Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer,you can usually set your browser to disable cookies, or to alert you whencookies are being sent. Likewise, most mobile devices also allow you to disablethe ability for geo-location information to be collected from your mobiledevice. The help function on most browsers and devices contains instructions onhow to set your browser to notify you before accepting cookies, disable cookiesentirely, or disable the collection of geo-location data. You need to set eachbrowser, on each device you use to surf the web or access the Sites, Servicesor applications. Thus, if you use multiple browsers (e.g., Chrome, Safari,Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), you should repeat this procedure with eachone. Similarly, if you connect to the web from multiple devices (e.g., work andhome), you need to set each browser on each device. Depending on yourjurisdiction, you may be able to utilize additional cookie management tools.However, if you disable certain cookies or refuse to accept a request to placea cookie, it is possible that some parts of the Site, Services or applications,such as, inter alia, the polls, surveys, promotions, contests, and sales, andcertain areas of the Site or Services for which you need to log in, will notfunction properly, and specific promotions and advertising you receive when youvisit the Site may not be advertisements tailored to your interests. Opt-OutYou may opt out of interest-based advertising by Sellers orAdvertisers on our Site and Services or instruct ChaChing at any time not touse your personal information covered by this Privacy Policy to provide youwith offers and promotions by clicking here[AL2]  or through your account settings. Please note that if youexercise your choice in this manner, you will continue to receivecommunications concerning your account and products and services you requested,if any, and in response to any requests for information by you. Depending onthe level of opt-out, features or functionalities of the Site or Services maybe impaired or no longer available to you. Please also note that this opt-outprocess may take some time to complete, consistent with applicable law. AdvertisementsChaChing, its designated service providers, Sellers or Advertisersor their advertising servers may also place or recognize unique cookies on yourdevice or use other electronic technologies in order to help displayadvertisements that you see on the Site or on other websites. Information aboutyour visits to, and activity on, the Site and other websites, an IP address,the number of times you have viewed an advertisement, your interests andpreferences and other such usage information is used, alone or in combinationwith other information, to create aggregate groups of users and to displayadvertisements that may be of particular interest to you or a group of userswith similar interests to you. We may use web beacons, provided by third-partyadvertising companies, and other information provided to us by third partyservice providers to help manage and optimize our online advertising andproduct performance. Web beacons enable us to recognize a browser’s cookie whena browser visits the Site, and to learn which banner ads bring users to theSite. The use and collection of your information by third-party serviceproviders and third-party advertisers and their advertising servers uponleaving the Site is not covered by this Privacy Policy. To opt out of advertising cookies for your online choices if you arebased in the EU, please click here. Disclosure Of Your Personal InformationChaChing may disclose your personal information to Payment CardNetworks, service providers, other designated service providers, for thepurposes set out in this Privacy Policy and the Terms. ChaChing may alsodisclose to certain third parties, including, inter alia, Sellers andAdvertisers, advertising networks, and data analytics providers, your use ofour Site, including, inter alia, online identifier, Internet Protocol address, deviceand internet or other electronic network activity information, and the servicesprovided by us for the purposes of operating the Platform set out in thisPrivacy Policy and the Terms. ChaChing may disclose your personal information(excluding security photographs or video, if any) with a Seller or Advertiser,Payment Card Network or reward management provider (“Third-Party Provider”)that provides you with offers or promotions that may be of interest to you. Youmay instruct ChaChing at any time not to share your personal informationcovered by this Privacy Policy with such Third-Party Providers by email to with your email addressand “Do Not Share Personal Information With Select Partners” in the emailsubject. Please note that (i) this opt-out process may take some time to complete,consistent with applicable law; (ii) even after such opt-out process iscompleted, your personal information may continue to be shared with ouraffiliates (including affiliated websites under common ownership or control)and, to the extent permitted by law and provided for in the Terms, designatedservice providers, and (iii) the opt-out may adversely affect the functionalityof the Platform and administration of cash backs and Rewards.ChaChing may also disclose your personal information to unaffiliatedthird parties if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to:(a) comply with any applicable law, rule, or regulation, or in response to asubpoena, court order, or other legal process, subject to ChaChing’s Law [AL3] Enforcement Data Request Statement; (b) protect the interests,rights, safety, or property of ChaChing, users or others; (c) monitorcompliance with and enforce any terms of service on the Site; (d) provide our Servicesand products as may be operated from time to time (including allowing apurchaser of ChaChing or a ChaChing division to continue to serve you); (e)perform other activities related to the Site, Services and products, including,inter alia, billing and collection; (f) provide you with offers, promotions or advertisements from ChaChing; or (g) operate the systems thatprovide the Site, our Services and products properly.If you participate in certain features of the Site (e.g., posting orreplying to Listings, promotions, posting reviews, or sharing informationrelated thereto), please note that any information you or others voluntarilydisclose through use of these features, may become available to the publicand/or other users. If you choose to provide access to designated users or individuals,please be aware that any information you post will be visible to such partiesfor their use. ChaChing is not responsible for information that you or otherschoose to disclose on the Site, and neither ChaChing’s nor others’ use of suchinformation is subject to this Privacy Policy.The collection, further use, and/or disclosure of your informationby Third-Party Providers or by other third parties is not the responsibility ofChaChing. Rather, such collection, use, and/or disclosure is governed by thethird parties’ privacy policies. Accuracy, Security, And Retention Of Your InformationAny personal information you provide to ChaChing is kept on secureservers. ChaChing uses security measures appropriate to the provision of therelevant product or service, such as reasonable administrative, technical,personnel, and physical measures (a) to safeguard personal information againstloss, theft, unauthorized use, disclosure, or modification; and (b) to ensurethe integrity of the personal information. To help us protect your privacy, youshould maintain the secrecy of the logon ID and password you may have set up inconnection with your participation in the Site’s services. Personal informationis retained for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it iscollected, including legitimate business reasons, and/or as permitted or requiredby applicable laws and regulations. However, despite our safeguards and effortsto keep information secure, no electronic transmission, storage technology ordevices connected to the internet can be considered fully secure from thecontinually evolving threat and effort of hackers, cybercriminals, or otherunauthorized third parties to defeat such security measures and improperlycollect, access, steal, or modify such information. Transaction data is retained for as long as is necessary for thepurpose for which it is collected, including legitimate business reasons,and/or as permitted or required by applicable laws and regulations.When we will not continue to process your relevant information, wewill either delete or anonymize such information, where this is not possible(e.g., because such information has been stored on backup servers), we willsecurely store your personal information and isolate it from further processinguntil deletion is possible. Rights With Respect To Your Personal InformationDepending on the jurisdiction, you may have the right to access,correct, delete, or restrict use of certain personal information covered bythis Privacy Policy. Depending on the jurisdiction, you may also have the rightto request that we refrain from processing personal information. Please bear inmind that if you exercise such rights this may affect our ability to provideour products and services, including the administration of cash back or otherRewards. For inquiries about your personal information, please contact us byclicking here[AL4] . While ChaChing will make reasonable efforts to accommodate yourrequest, we also reserve the right to impose certain restrictions andrequirements on such requests, if allowed or required by applicable laws. Pleasenote that it may take some time to process your request, consistent withapplicable law.If you wish to at any time review or change the information in youraccount or terminate your account, you can log into your account settings andupdate your account, subject to this Privacy Policy and the Terms. Your European Economic Area (“EEA”), Switzerland, and United Kingdom(“UK”) Privacy RightsIn addition, if youare a resident in the EEA or in the UK accessing the Site and Services lawfullyand you believe we are unlawfully processing your personal information, youalso have the right to complain to your local data protection supervisoryauthority. You can find their contact details here: EEA:[AL5] UK: Data protection - GOV.UK ([AL6] .In addition, if you are a resident in Switzerland accessing the Siteand Services lawfully the contact details for your data protection authoritiesare available here:[AL7] . Your California Privacy RightsIn addition, if you are a California resident, you may have theright, consistent with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws to request:·      certain information about ourcollection, use, sale, or disclosure of your personal information·      deletion of your personalinformation collected or maintained by us·      to opt-out of the sale of yourpersonal information  You also have the right to not receive discriminatorytreatment for exercising these rights.If you choose to exercise these rights, we ask you to providesufficient information, including the products and services you have used inthe past, your state and country of residence, and contact information, inorder for us to verify your identity and process your request. Depending on thetypes of requests, additional information may be requested.You may use an authorized agent to submit a request on your behalfrelated to your personal information. If you choose to use an authorized agent,you should supply your agent with written permission to act on your behalf inrelation to your request, and your agent must provide us with proof of suchauthorization before we process your request.To exercise a right related to your personal information, pleasecontact us by clicking here[AL8] . Although the ChaChing Platform does not sell, or permit its ThirdParty Service Providers to sell, or otherwise profit from a transfer of yourpersonal information (through, e.g., ‘downstream’ data sale) other than in thecontext of operating the Site, Platform or Services, ChaChing may sharepersonal information related to tailored advertising, including onlineidentifier, Internet Protocol address, device and Internet or other electronicnetwork activity information, with third parties in the course of operating thePlatform in ways that may be deemed to constitute a “sale” under the CaliforniaConsumer Privacy Act of 2018, as amended (the “CCPA”), to the extent the CCPAis applicable, for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy. If you are a California resident, California Civil Code Section1798.83 permits you to request information regarding the disclosure, if any, ofyour personal information by ChaChing to its affiliates and/or third partiesfor their direct marketing purposes.To make such a request, please send an email with your first name,last name, mailing address, email address and telephone number to Please include“California Privacy Rights” in the Subject line of your email.You may also make sucha request by writing to us at:ChachingMe, Inc.1165 NClark St #700Chicago,IL 60610 USA Transfer Of Your Personal Information To Other CountriesSome of the uses and disclosures mentioned in this Privacy Policymay involve the transfer and processing of your personal information andtransaction data to and in various countries that may have different levels ofprivacy protection than your country which levels may well be lesscomprehensive that those in your country. By using our Site, services and products,you acknowledge and agree to such transfers and processing, including, interalia, within, to and from the United States. Our primary servers are currently locatedin the United States; however, we may at any time without notification orconsent change the location of our primary servers and backup servers and our affiliates,services providers or other third parties provided for in this Privacy Policyor in the terms of service may not be located in, operate in or may not operateservers or personnel located in the United States. We implement appropriate safeguards, which may include, inter alia, EuropeanCommission standard data protection measures, to protect your personalinformation that is transferred between our group companies and between us andour third party service providers. ChaChing’s Intra-Group Personal Data Protection Statement [AL9] provides additional information about the transfer (if any) ofpersonal information from the EU, EEA and Switzerland (collectively, “EU”), orthe United Kingdom, in accordance with the EU General Data ProtectionRegulation (“GDPR”) and UK GDPR, to the United States. Links To Third-Party Sites And ServicesChaChing may provide links or access to third-party websites orother digital properties, including social networking websites. Since we do notcontrol third-party digital properties and are not responsible for anyinformation you may provide while on such digital properties, we encourage youto read the privacy policies on those websites before providing any of yourinformation on such digital properties. Questions Regarding This Privacy PolicyIf you have questions regarding this Privacy Policy, or wish to contactour Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) please contact us at Please include“Privacy” or “Privacy DPO” (as the case may be) in the Subject line of yourinquiry. If you have complaints about ChaChing’s processing of your personalinformation, you may have the right to contact the applicable supervisoryauthority.You can also contact us by post to:ChachingMe, Inc.1165 NClark St #700Chicago,IL 60610 USA Modifications To This Privacy PolicyChaChing reserves the right to update or change this Privacy Policyat any time. The updated version will be marked by a “Last Updated” date at thetop of the Privacy Policy. Such changes will be effective upon posting withoutfurther consent or notice. We encourage you to review this Privacy Policyfrequently. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy we may inaddition notify you by either posting a notice of such changes on the Site or bydirectly sending you a notification, such notices, for the avoidance of doubt,however, are effective irrespective of such notice being made, if any.Have  [AL1]link [AL2]Set link [AL3]See below; set link [AL4]Set link form – see Rider below [AL5]Set link [AL6]Set link [AL7]Set link [AL8]Personal data inquiry form see below [AL9]Link – Rider below