Message from the Founder

I'm Max Sugrue, the Founder of ChaChing.

The inspiration for ChaChing was ignited by the reality that we are all being grossly overcharged for the millions of products we need and love online – it's a hidden "tax" that no one should be paying, especially those who work so hard to make ends meet.

Because all our favorite brands and retailers must pay e-commerce platforms like Google, Meta and Amazon about a billion dollars a day in advertising fees, we all end up paying far more than we should when we shop online.
No one likes being overcharged but for so many people who are fighting to make ends meet or raising a family on tight budgets, being overcharged can have a devastating impact – and this is at the very heart of ChaChing’s mission and why it was built: to bring fairness and trust back to the online shopping world.  

ChaChing’s solution is simple: an all-encompassing online shopping app with all the products you need and love, but instead of pocketing the billions of dollars in advertising fees currently pocketed by Big Tech, we give that back to our customers in the form of a 10%-50% (average is over 20%+) cash paybacks on all items.  

Currently, ChaChing has soft launched in the UK and already we’ve brought on thousands of incredible brands and millions of products spanning cosmetics, apparel, housewares, mom and baby items, electronics, sporting goods and so much more.  

We are extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made and the undeniable value we are delivering to our customers through immediate cash paybacks, but this is just the beginning. We will continue to grow with our customers and further expand on ChaChing’s unique ability to deliver what we believe is unprecedented value in the online shopping and e-commerce space.

On behalf of myself, and of our Co-Founders: Noor (my sister 😉), Alastair, Veronica, Shawn and David, we welcome you to ChaChing, and together with your participation, we look forward to changing global e-commerce for the better!